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Lenze intorq bfk458 Cut Diagram

Lenze Intorq BFK458

Lenze INTORQ BFK458 spring-applied brakes are single-disk brakes with two friction surfaces. When de-energised, several springs are used to generate the braking torque through friction locking. The brake is released electromagnetically. During braking, the springs use the armature plate to press the rotor (which can be shifted axially on the hub) against the counter friction face. When the brakes are applied, an air gap sL is present between the armature plate and the stator. The stator's coil is energised with DC voltage in order to release the brake.

The resulting magnetic flux works against the spring force to draw the armature plate to the stator. This releases the rotor from the spring force and allows it to rotate freely. Basic module E supports the use of the torque adjustment ring to reduce the braking torque.

Type N (Fixed Torque) Lenze Brakes

Lenze BFK458 Type N

Our modular system forms the basis for a product range that offers versions tailored for almost any task. The BFK458 spring-applied brake, as a standard product, can be used anywhere, but its modular structure also meets the requirements of specific industries. Its strength lies in its versatility.

Electromagnetically released spring-applied brakes are used wherever masses in motion have to be decelerated as quickly as possible or where masses must be held in a defined position. The braking force is applied by compression springs. Thus the braking torque generated by friction locking remains available in the deenergised status – even in the event of mains failure. The brake is released electromagnetically.

Type E (Variable Torque) Lenze Brakes

Lenze bfk458 Variation Type E

The main components of the modular system are the two basic modules E (adjustable braking torque) and N (non-adjustable braking torque).

The greatest degree of flexibility is achieved for a broad range of applications by combining the basic modules with specific modules. This catalogue is designed to assist you in selecting and ordering your desired spring-applied brake quickly and easily.